Scrappy, tough, quick to smile, laugh, hug, Kiyoko is the little sister you loved/ never had/ always wanted


Petite but in no way dainty, Kiyoko has dusky skin and black hair which has seemingly been hacked off by her own hand resting on and above her shoulders in jagged edges and wild tumbles. She wears layered garments of raw silk topped with a very battered, but well mended and well loved leather jerkin and greaves. Her trousers, very obviously had once been skirts, now cut, sewn and wrapped close to her calves with multi-colored strips of fine silk fabric samples leaving the fabric over her thighs loose and ballooning. Her feet prefer to be bare, but winter cold and wet forces her to don scavenged boots, often too large and stuffed with scraps and grass. The pack strapped over her shoulders would make any tinker proud. Pouches, rolls, small boxes and other containers are secured to its stuffed and lumpy outside. The assortment of trim, string and straps that secure them make it almost as colorful as her patchwork, layered clothes. Her easy nature, quick smile and almost comical attire are tempered by the glint of several sharp dirks and daggers secured in several easy to reach spots reminding the casual viewer that perhaps this young woman is not exactly what she might appear.


Born to laborers in the silk trade Kiyoko grew up in a stable, well ordered world. As members of one of the lowest castes within the Zamidan, accustomed to being subject to the whims of the Mon, their overseers and just about everyone else, she was taught that family is who you choose it to be. Birth parents deserve reverence, but so also do the other people who come and go throughout your life. Stoic and quiet her father taught her to be patient, observant and careful. Good natured and optimistic her mother taught her to see the joy in the little things around her, to smile and what it meant to love.

Although life on the plantation was not one of leisure and luxury, Kiyoko was not prepared for the deprivation, fear and loss that accompanied the coming of the undead armies. Somewhere in the darkness of the winter she lost her parents and her siblings. Her life long home was attacked, destroyed, occupied by beasts, monsters and nightmares. Her own existence was transformed into one long nightmare of servitude to the leaders of the forces that came to her plantation and stayed. Battered, bruised and starved she lost her smile, her easy manner and slowly she was coming to realize she was losing her will to live… until one grey dawn the forces that went out to wreak havoc the previous dusk did not return. The plantation remained quiet, nearly abandoned long into the morning hours, the ones left behind to maintain their stolen stronghold were in the main hall sleeping off the night’s debauchery, confident in the victorious return of their brothers in arms. Kiyoko quietly, confidently, as if she was going exactly where she was told to go and belonged on the muddy track leading out of the gates walked away from the only home she had ever known.

After that things get sketchy in her mind. Nights and days blending together in desperation, hunger, pain and cold, cold wet. Kiyoko somehow made her way to Tet’Shir. She found shelter, she found coin, losing both as quickly and far more easily than she had acquired them. She wandered the streets, did what she could, took what she needed to survive. Then, just about the time her smile began to come back, exactly like her home only on a larger scale, Tet’Shir was overrun. Occupied. Life once again took a turn for the worst.

Until she heard about Them. A resistance. To join them one must cross the White Plains. She didn’t know how, she didn’t know where, but she knew she needed to find them.


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