The word ‘average’ could have been designed for Sada; average height, average build, average looks. And it was his unassuming form that planted the seed of bitterness in the young Sada. Unable to contest much in the physical skills as a child, he turned his, in his own eyes, considerable intelect and will to the arcane arts. To this end he has almost become a caricature, clad in mystic-style robes and bedecked with arcane ornaments. Before the fall of the city, he was on his way to becoming a joke, but now, with most of his belongings destroyed, he has had to settle with only a few possessions that never leave his side, like his private ‘journal’ and a single family heirloom.


Sadasada OlDan is slowly realising that his own perceptions shaped his youth in bad ways. While, as a boy, he believed everyone looked down there noses at him, he now thinks perhaps it was his own ego that was the problem. He hides his insecurity behind a veneer of arrogance, and cannot quite hide his disdain for braver, stronger warriors and soldiers, but this is to cover the fact that when he was a youngster he wanted to be a knight like many other children.

He now tries to use his own lore of the undead and the arcane to aid the other refugees, but is vague when asked about the origins of his knowledge. He tries to make himself useful around camp too; using his limited healing magics on the wounded, and is slowly losing his dislike of others.

When quizzed about his life and skills, he reels off a list of tutors, expeditions to archeological sites and generally carries on in a dull voice until the inquisitive person gets bored and wanders off.


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