The Night Wars - Fall of Tet'Shir


Before dawn of the 10th Day Moon of the Cat,Year of the Spider, Star of the Cock

A small group who had sought out The Wild, have been sent to recover a box. The box was carried by a messenger known as Rain, but the last party that went to gather it failed after an attack by a party of orcs. The sole survivor reported this, and has then left the wild.

Snake has gathered Kieru, Kiyoko, and Sadasada to undertake a mission for the camp. With Sgt Yukiuji they are to go and see if they can recover a wooden box that was lost to the last party that went to gather it. The sole survivor of that ill fated expedition stated that they were beset by a gang of orcs, with no clear leader.

Comes a storm
** GM Update **

Before dawn of the 17th Day Moon of the Spider,Year of the Spider, Star of the Cock

They departed the larger settlement on the edge of the lake, passing one more before they come to a feeder river, fairly wide, but not fast flowing and decide to camp. Late into the the second of 3 watches, a rough voice grunted to Tsune “Little one give money!” Turning he sees two large humanoids and some sort of very large short faced canine. He deftly wakes the rest of the party, and though a brutal but not extended fight, they are victorious, but more the worse for wear.

Begin at the beginning
** GM Update **

It begins at dusk on the 14th Day of the Moon of the Spider,Year of the Spider, Star of the Cock

Here, days away from the town once called Uvae there is an abandon Silk farm. The mulberry trees grow thick with the cocoons of untended silk worms, drawing the small black and the odd three winged birds that feed on them. The farm has been abandoned sometime in the last several moons, and there are signs of fighting and looting, but, as is often seen at the battle sites of this war, there are no bodies. The small camp of Refugees and soldiers has grown larger over the last few days…

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