The Night Wars - Fall of Tet'Shir


Before dawn of the 10th Day Moon of the Cat,Year of the Spider, Star of the Cock

A small group who had sought out The Wild, have been sent to recover a box. The box was carried by a messenger known as Rain, but the last party that went to gather it failed after an attack by a party of orcs. The sole survivor reported this, and has then left the wild.

Snake has gathered Kieru, Kiyoko, and Sadasada to undertake a mission for the camp. With Sgt Yukiuji they are to go and see if they can recover a wooden box that was lost to the last party that went to gather it. The sole survivor of that ill fated expedition stated that they were beset by a gang of orcs, with no clear leader.


MasterGameMaster MasterGameMaster

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